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best amphetamine for adhd

 Captagon seems to be the most efficient medication for ADHD

But I was scammed by :
- +1 414 909 9256  and +1(385) 350 3167
I Find seller of captagon on this web site :
They tell me to contact them withapps at  +1 414 909 9256  or +1(385) 350 3167

After paying, they ask me more money because of custom problems ! 

They are just offenders internet ... and their competitors seems to be the same ... I will give you more info soon !

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  1. My experience with PRO HIGH CONNECT was different. I mean! The customer service was very responsive and i can say all confidence that their products are 100% original and wonder if this is a sad story or a blackmail. Nevertheless, I'll advice you attach some photos of the scam discussion.